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Maximize Your Tax Deductions and Increase Refund


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Income taxes for businesses can be quite complex with multiple depreciation schedules, pass through entities with separately stated items, capital contributions and distributions, shareholder loans, and so on.
There are many requirements with far-reaching consequences that many accountants and tax preparers just don't know about. There are also little-known deductions businesses can take advantage of but some depend on the type of business entity.
We put in the extra time to fully explain the tax return, implications, and all options available for the owner/ officers. 


Are you an individual taxpayer? Have your taxes done by a company that offers you a lot more than just filling out your forms.
At Reliant Tax & Business Solutions, we employ tax law experts that will deliver you the best result allowed by law while also setting you up going forward to take advantage of tax savings opportunities. 
We take the time to explain to our clients exactly what's on their tax return. 


“Every time I do taxes I always owe money but not this time. Not only did I get a refund, but they also amended the old returns and got me money back!” 

—  Jessica L

Save Yourself the Headache.

Avoid Hearing Back from the IRS after filing.

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