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Business Accounting

Business Accounting comes in many forms, from a full-time bookkeeper to an outsourced accountant, as well the accounting department of a large corporation. These all have different functions but all are dealing with the same set of facts. Accountants breakdown raw financial data and manufacture usable sets of information. Some businesses only want to record past financial transactions monthly, quarterly, or even annually for legal and tax compliance or to see if they are making or losing money. Other businesses want the real-time financial transactions presented to them weekly or even daily to inform their decision making. Owners, managers, lenders, vendors, the IRS, and state and local revenue agencies are all end users of accounting reports. 
At Reliant Tax, we are flexible in how we digest and report financial data to suit the needs or desires of the end users.
Reliant offers a full range of accounting services such as
  • Bookkeeping to keep track of income and expenses for annual tax reporting,
  • Financial accounting with daily updates and online access,
  • Accounts payable with checks or ACH for faster payments,
  • Weekly payroll management and processing, 
  • Monthly sales tax returns, and more.
Reliant's accounting staff will customize a package just for you. Contact us to find out how we can help you.





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