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Business Consulting

Business Consulting



Some of the goals to reach with Reliant Tax
  • Boost revenues and profits
  • Reduce Tax while increasing asset protection
  • Increase legal compliance
  • Improve and build business credit scores
  • Qualify for business loans and lines of credit
  • Access money needed to grow your business
  • Increase valuation when selling the business
  • Get on approved vendor lists for government contracts
Just some of the things offered in our Business Consulting packages
  • Initial consultation, follow up report presentation
  • Annual Board Meeting, updated presentations
  • Quarterly check-ins
  • Monthly Meetings
  • Coaching Phone calls
  • Real-time answers to questions
  • Industry Benchmark
  • Profit boosting plan
  • Reduced price on accounting
Initial Retainer required,
  • Annual maintenance fee (can be paid monthly)
  • Services are either billed per service, per hour or both.
  • Payment for services are charged against the account
  • Points Plan to replenish low reserves


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